Corporate Profile

Richline Group, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. since 2007, is the USA’s foremost, financially-strong Jewelry Manufacturer, Distributor and Marketer. Richline Group’s mission, One Vision, One Goal, One Team, denotes the establishment of an integrated corporate branding, manufacturing and distribution strategy.

Richline Group is the corporate platform providing financial, operational, and marketing support to each of our four indepenent strategic business units. The Richline Group is comprised of: LeachGarner, Richline Brands, Rio Grande and Inverness Corporation. Our renowned, consumer brands include Honora, Charmed Memories, EternaGold and numerous others.

Melt to Market

From alloy production to the creation of internationally recognized consumer jewelry brands, Richline Group is a worldwide, vertically-integrated presence throughout the jewelry supply chain. Through strict adherence to responsible sourcing, oversight, and compliance, we’re dedicated to leveraging this unique position by bringing innovation and full-service solutions to our partners, while benefiting all of our stakeholders through the Richline Responsible oath.

From melt to market, Richline is committed to doing well while doing good.

The Richline Responsible Oath reflects our shared values and commitment to ethics, compliance and sustainability. Richline will serve the greater good by bringing together people and resources to create economic value with a world-conscious accountability.
A worldwide, prime manufacturer with facilities in the US, Italy, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, South Africa and the Far East.
Design without boundaries. Our product creation teams draw from numerous cultures and points-of-view. From Hong Kong to New York to Florida and Italy, the capabilities are endless, the innovation is prolific.
Efficient, timely and economic warehousing and distribution is at the heart of our financial success. Forecasting prowess and delivery competence are the gauges of our renowned service.
Full Service MARKETING
A complete creative team, from graphics to web, is the foundation of our in-house agency. With private branding for our clients foremost, we collaborate in the conception of impactful consumer recognition and appreciation of our brands and collections.
The utilization of our vertical integration for the creation of unique, industry-leading, trend-perfect collections of products of the highest quality and long-lasting value.