The Richline Group will maintain the highest standards of integrity in every action we take. We will utilize our leadership position to advance the relevance of the jewelry industry and responsibly fulfill our commitments. We will inspire our employees to grow and reach their potential. Innovation, technology, creativity and collaboration will be at the forefront starting with the focused efforts of our divisions to influence the market while being responsible to the world. In a collaborative effort with our partner customers and vendors, we will work responsibly to achieve product and service innovations, resulting in our mutual success.


The Richline commitment of integrity is our pledge to be responsible and reliable for all people that imagine, create, purchase or invest in our products. Our company combines precious metals, pearls and gems with artistry, science, innovation, technology, fashion, and marketing throughout the world. Putting all of the pieces together with constant discovery affords us the capacity to learn new cultures, create new directions, and deliver exceptional products that are valuable, relevant, symbolic and timeless to our customers.


Richline’s mission of One Vision, One Goal, One Team is an objective involving all of our stakeholders – our employees, our customers, our suppliers and our supporters. We are dedicated to investments that bring positive, collaborative results to the entire industry. We shall be tireless in our pursuit of innovation and value for the worldwide jewelry consumer. With integrity as our key value, we shall be responsible, to our stakeholders and to the world, in this pursuit.