Rio Grande is one of the largest jewelry suppliers in the world. Our customers are metalsmiths, manufacturers, award-winning designers, hobbyists and artisans who are innovative, creative and passionate about making jewelry. And Rio Grande’s mission is to spoil them in every way! How do we do it? With more than 30,000 innovative products, legendary customer service, and jewelry-making know-how that encompasses technique, process and invention.

Everything we offer, everything we do, is for the jeweler and for the generations of jewelers to come.


WHY Rio Grande?

Products: More than 30,000 of them,including findings, gemstones, raw materials, hand tools, equipment, displays, and packaging.

Service: World-renowned, accommodating, and the friendliest in the business.

Know-how: More than a century of combined jewelry-making knowledge on our Tech Team alone. Questions answered. Challenges welcomed.

Education: Hands-on classes for the beginner and the virtuoso. To support the jewelers who cultivate our ever-growing industry.


In 1944, Saul Bell established Rio Grande to serve the jewelers who live and work in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Today, Rio Grande remains an industry leader, highly respected for serving customers with integrity and impeccable standards in jewelry manufacturing and distribution.

Though we now have a worldwide reach, our “big-little company” continues to focus on one thing: serving jewelers. And that mission fills every corner of our solar-powered facility and inspires every associate.